DIGI International

Digi International is a recognized supplier of broadly understood Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions. The portfolio includes 3G, LTE and 5G Ready routers for offices or points of sales, dedicated to industrial systems (ISC, SCADA) exposed to adverse environmental conditions, such as temperature, shock, dust, as well as dedicated to supporting logistics fleets, equipped with a GSM module and a cryptographic processor. Digi’s solutions give priority to ensuring continuous connectivity, which is why the routers have high-availability features, such as two LTE modems and two SIM slots. Digi’s portfolio also includes USB and serial communication hubs (RS232/422/428), converters and terminal servers, which along with LTE routers will enable participation in the IoT revolution.

SailPoint Technologies

SailPoint Technologies is an American company founded in 2005. For many years it has been a global leader on the market of Identity and Access Management products. SailPoint products allow you to create a coherent and organization-wide policy for managing access to such resources as: data, applications, infrastructure.


Cryptme is the only solution available on the market whose main function is to provide a discrete voice connection that cannot be intercepted (eavesdropped) or recorded digitally or analog. The use is similar to using a regular cell phone. The creation of an additional access terminal is necessary to ensure proper operation. Communication is only possible with a person with a similar set and access to the service.


SentinelOne is a provider of a complete Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that responds to today's endpoint threats, including ransomware and 0-day attacks. The solution developed by SentinelOne protects employees' computers, servers, virtual machines and containers in the cloud. It covers all stages of risk prevention and incident handling — identification of threats and protection, detection and response to incidents and system repair in the event of a security breach — thus meeting the expectations of SOC and CSIRT / CERT units.

Mist Systems (a Juniper company )

In 2019 Mist Systems was acquired by Juniper Networks. Mist Systems has built the first wireless network (WLAN) based on artificial intelligence that will revolutionize enterprise-class networks. Using analytics and automation, Mist AI Platform enables to maximize IT productivity and provides a better network user experience.


Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform designed to remove the barriers between data and action, so that everyone thrives in the Data Age. We’re empowering IT, DevOps and security teams to transform their organizations with data from any source and on any timescale.


Armis is a platform that identifies and monitors the behaviour of the devices of the broadly understood Internet of Things that can only be managed to a limited extent or are completely unmanageable. Armis enables detecting devices that the organization was not aware of, such as: televisions, IP cameras, VoIP phones, as well as employees' private devices, and to assess the risk of their presence on the network. It also makes it possible to catalog medical devices (tomographs, X-rays) or industrial devices (PLCs) which, due to their specifics, are outside the control of IT security teams. Due to a wide range of possible integrations (e.g. Check Point Software Technologies, Aruba Networks, Rapid7), it enables automation of security reactions based on the classification of a given device.

Recorded Future

Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform is a highly specialized security solution that accelerates the work of SOC by providing an unparalleled amount of knowledge about the cyber threat landscape. The entire product uses advanced data analysis algorithms in both predictable and unstructured formats. In order to enrich the content, Recorded Future uses the patented Natural Language Processing algorithms, which enable the system to be fed in real time with information from, among others, press releases, social media, technical articles, research reports, and numerous hacker forums (dark web). At the same time, the platform monitors and analyzes data from various types of reputation databases, including vulnerability databases, enriching the content with the results of the work of an internal cybersecurity research center called Insikt Group. The Recorded Future technology enables the automatic correlation of data from many sources (over 850,000), precise description of the security status and related problems for over 6 billion entities, and the entire analytical results are presented in an accessible and easy way.


In the Everywhere Workplace, employees use myriad  devices to access IT networks, applications, and data to stay productive as they work from anywhere. Ivanti makes the Everywhere Workplace possible.  Hyperautomated. Streamlined. Any device, anywhere. IVANTI connects industry-leading unified endpoint management, zero trust security and service management solutions to provide a single pane of glass for enterprises to secure and heal devices, and service end users.


ICsec is a leader in the industrial infrastructure security market and since 2018 has been successfully creating cybersecurity ecosystem in Poland, providing solutions that reduce the business risk associated with cyber attacks on industrial networks.


Vectra Cognito Detect is a solution for detecting and responding to threats occurring on the network. With the ability to capture and analyze traffic using patented machine learning algorithms, even previously unknown attacks can be identified in real-time. The system can collect data from multiple environments, such as private networks, public cloud and SaaS applications. With artificial intelligence, it detects and prioritizes advanced threats, and with the ability to integrate with third-party solutions currently in use, it can also respond quickly and effectively.


SolarWinds – is a leader in NPM solutions that provide simple, powerful, and secure software for managing IT infrastructure. No matter the type, size, or complexity of your organization, SolarWinds provides the tools to manage and monitor the performance of your environment whether on-prem or in the cloud or a combination of both. With a wide range of solutions, organizations are better able to understand the challenges they face in maintaining high performance and scalability of their IT infrastructure, which also translates into accelerated business transformation processes.

CommScope (Ruckus Networks)

RUCKUS Networks designs and builds truly purpose-driven network infrastructure that meets the strictest requirements of all kinds of enterprise environments.


The company was founded in 2007, with headquarters located in Palo Alto, California. Since entering the market, the organization has very quickly become a leader in setting global standards for secure access to computers, mobile devices, servers, various types of systems and online accounts. Yubico has led the development of the open authentication standards such as FIDO2, WebAuthn and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), and pioneered the provision of modern, hardware-based and phishing-resistant "Passwordless" authentication tokens. The company delivers its large-scale solutions to customers in more than 160 countries.

TXOne Networks

Offers OT-native cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and security of ICS environments through OT zero-trust methodology. The portfolio includes both network-based (EdgeFire, EdgeIPS) and endpoint-based (Stellar, Portable Security) solutions that integrate with the diverse resources typically found in industrial networks to provide real-time, in-depth cyber protection for both mission-critical devices and OT networks.


Cloudflare is a global technology company specializing in delivering advanced security and performance solutions for websites and online applications. Since its founding in 2009, Cloudflare has rapidly become a leader in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and cybersecurity solutions market. Cloudflare's mission is to create a secure Internet that is accessible to all. Through its innovative technology and global network of servers located in numerous locations around the world, Cloudflare enables companies to accelerate the delivery of online content, increase the security of their applications and protect against DDoS attacks and other cyber threats. With its solutions, the company aims to provide speed, reliability and online security not only to large corporations, but also to small businesses and individual users. Cloudflare continues to evolve its services to meet the growing needs of the digital world and support its customers in achieving online success.

XM Cyber

XM Cyber is a leader in Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), providing innovative solutions for continuous monitoring and management of cyber threats. The platform offers unique capabilities for comprehensive protection in on-premises and cloud environments. Companies using the XM Cyber platform can benefit from numerous business advantages. By effectively combating advanced persistent threats (APT) and continuously analyzing and identifying potential threats, they can defend themselves against complex attacks while reducing costs associated with owning and managing security. The platform provides full visibility of the entire infrastructure, intelligent analysis mechanisms, and reporting capabilities, enabling optimal security budget management and targeted actions by security teams.


Commvault is a global leader in data protection and information management solutions, delivering high-performance data protection, universal availability, and simplified management of data on complex storage networks. The Commvault platform provides enterprises with a comprehensive solution for data lifecycle management, from backup and recovery to data archiving, file synchronization, and sharing, as well as disaster recovery, while supporting a wide range of cloud environments and on-premises storage systems. Companies leveraging Commvault's technology can enjoy a myriad of business benefits. With its robust capabilities, organizations can safeguard against data loss and ensure business continuity by efficiently managing and protecting their critical data across multiple environments. The platform's unified approach minimizes the complexity traditionally associated with managing data across disparate systems, thereby reducing operational costs and enhancing IT efficiency. Commvault offers deep data analytics and automated data management policies, enabling businesses to optimize their data assets for compliance, e-discovery, and risk management.