Commvault is a global leader in data protection and information management solutions, delivering high-performance data protection, universal availability, and simplified management of data on complex storage networks. The Commvault platform provides enterprises with a comprehensive solution for data lifecycle management, from backup and recovery to data archiving, file synchronization, and sharing, as well as disaster recovery, while supporting a wide range of cloud environments and on-premises storage systems. Companies leveraging Commvault's technology can enjoy a myriad of business benefits. With its robust capabilities, organizations can safeguard against data loss and ensure business continuity by efficiently managing and protecting their critical data across multiple environments. The platform's unified approach minimizes the complexity traditionally associated with managing data across disparate systems, thereby reducing operational costs and enhancing IT efficiency. Commvault offers deep data analytics and automated data management policies, enabling businesses to optimize their data assets for compliance, e-discovery, and risk management.

Description of technology

Backup & Storage

Unified Data Management - a solution offering a streamlined approach to data protection, enabling continuous monitoring and management of data across diverse IT environments. Commvault's platform integrates with various storage options, including cloud, virtual, and on-premises systems, facilitating comprehensive data backup, recovery, and archiving strategies. It employs advanced deduplication and encryption methods to ensure data efficiency and security. By identifying critical data assets and implementing proactive protection measures, IT teams can effectively mitigate the risk of data loss and quickly recover from potential disruptions. Commvault's scalability and flexibility cater to the unique needs of any organization, simplifying the management of data protection processes and ensuring the resilience of business operations.

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