XM Cyber

XM Cyber is a leader in Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), providing innovative solutions for continuous monitoring and management of cyber threats. The platform offers unique capabilities for comprehensive protection in on-premises and cloud environments. Companies using the XM Cyber platform can benefit from numerous business advantages. By effectively combating advanced persistent threats (APT) and continuously analyzing and identifying potential threats, they can defend themselves against complex attacks while reducing costs associated with owning and managing security. The platform provides full visibility of the entire infrastructure, intelligent analysis mechanisms, and reporting capabilities, enabling optimal security budget management and targeted actions by security teams.

Description of technology

Vulnerability Management

Attack Path Management - a solution for managing attack paths that enables continuous monitoring and analysis of the IT environment. The platform collects data from Windows, Linux, and macOS devices, which are then analyzed for vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and various attack paths that could lead to potential system compromise. Using advanced algorithms, attack paths that allow access to critical company resources are identified. This allows IT teams to gain a precise understanding of potential attack scenarios on the company's infrastructure, quickly address security flaws, and easily identify systems that require immediate protection. The flexibility and ease of customization for individual infrastructures, along with simple management, are significant advantages of APM.

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