CLICO — a specialized, value-added distributor that for over 27 years has been effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of global market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. With the start of May 2019 CLICO incorporated DIGI International’s broadly understood Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions into its distribution portfolio. 

“Digi International is a recognized supplier of broadly understood Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions. The portfolio includes 3G, LTE and 5G Ready routers for offices or points of sales, dedicated to industrial systems (ISC, SCADA) exposed to adverse environmental conditions, such as temperature, shock, dust, as well as dedicated to supporting logistics fleets, equipped with a GSM module and a cryptographic processor. Digi’s solutions give priority to ensuring continuous connectivity, which is why the routers have high-availability features, such as two LTE modems and two SIM slots.  Digi’s portfolio also includes USB and serial communication hubs (RS232/422/428), converters and terminal servers, which along with LTE routers will enable participation in the IoT revolution,” says Maciej Mączka, Engineer Consultant at CLICO and Business Development Manager responsible for the development of DIGI technology from the distributor’s side.

“CLICO’s high-quality technical support, as well as its broad sales network in Eastern Europe, is helping us fulfill the increasing market demand for more cellular-based LTE connectivity in the IoT application space,” said Ron Singh, Director of Distribution, EMEA, Digi International. “Through our co-operation with CLICO, we are able to bring a wide range of leading-edge server-based products, such as our AnywhereUSB PLUS portfolio, to market while addressing the IoT challenges customers face.

The distribution agreement between CLICO and Digi International covers the entire scope of CLICO’s business operations.