Imperva mission is simple: Protect the pulse of your business.

Addressing today’s complex cybersecurity threats requires total visibility. Distilling volumes of incidents into actionable insights, we zero in on the true risks - so you can act more effectively.

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Description of technology


Imperva Incapsula - is a solution that counteracts even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks. The solution can be implemented in just a few minutes. Implementation does not require installation of any additional equipment, because the anti-DDoS infrastructure is located in numerous data centers of the manufacturer. Configuration consists in proper redirection of DNS records. Imperva Incapsula solution allows to significantly reduce the probability of DDoS attack at the network, protocol and application levels.

Database Security

IMPERVA DATABASE FIREWALL (DBFW) - reduces the risk of breaching the organization's confidential data security taking into consideration all possible threat sources: • Dishonest employees: DBFW monitors, controls and precisely accounts for users' access to databases. • Dishonest administrators: DBFW precisely manages access and rights of privileged users. • Cybercriminals: DBFW blocks database attacks and data manipulation attempts.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) - web application and permits only the allowed input data to be entered to the application. Thus, WAF is able to: • Protect web applications against specific attacks such as SQL-injection and Cross-Site Scripting, which are not detected by other security mechanisms (IPS, etc.). • Prevents hacking into the web application and placing malicious code inside it that attacks application users, so-called Watering Hole. • Effectively protects the web application from application level DoS attacks (e.g. flooding with HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests). • Most new business services are made available to clients online. The use of WAF means freedom of business development for the organization, secure launching of new IT services in response to new customer needs and greater competitiveness, as well as no concern of losing the good image and customer trust in the event of hacking the company's website.

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