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Arista Networks provides switches for high-performance data centers and cloud computing environments. Thanks to built-in device mechanisms it is possible to achieve very high scalability and unsurpassed automation enabling significant reduction of equipment maintenance costs. The Arista EOS network operating system is known for an extremely wide range of interfaces enabling deep integration of switches with orchestration, monitoring and management systems. All switches offered by Arista Networks are designed to work in Data Center.


Description of technology

Network Packet Broker

Arista DANZ Monitoring Fabric - is a Next Generation Network Packet Broker. The solution allows to monitor traffic in enterprise, data center and operator networks. Also it filters network traffic based on headers of layers 2, 3 and 4 as well as deep inspection and possibility to modify the information, i.e. deduplication, payload removal, removal of unnecessary headers (which monitoring tools may not support) as well as masking of sensitive data, e.g. credit card numbers or access passwords.

Network switches

MODULAR SWITCHES - very high performance and port density, the highest level of redundancy, flexible interface selection and expansion thanks to a wide range of line cards. Mainly used as the network's core aggregating connections with access switches

NON-MODULAR SWITCHES WITH A LARGE PACKET BUFFER - size (1U or 2U), buffer capacity up to several GB. Used in demanding environments using solutions such as Big Data, distributed database applications, high-performance IP Storage, etc.

NON-MODULAR SWITCHES WITH SMALL PACKET BUFFER - size (1U or 2U), a wide selection of models with a varied number and many types of interfaces. Usually used as top-of-the-rack (ToR) access switches.

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