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Anti-malware Sandbox

Trend Micro Deep Discovery - protects against APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and other targeted attacks. It enables effective detection of 0-day malware and extremely effective detection and analysis of other hidden threats. It works based on the sandboxing technique — running and analyzing the code in an environment simulating the real computer of the user. Analyzing how the code works and identifying dangerous behaviors, e.g. network connections and C&C protocols, changes of system files and registry entries, downloading another code from the network, etc.


Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention - an add-on to endpoint protection and group work solutions from Trend Micro. It identifies, monitors and protects confidential data and intellectual property of companies, regardless of whether data is stored, used or transmitted in the network or located on terminal equipment or mobile devices. It offers a wide range of inspections in various types of files, applications and devices — from IM communicator and Skype to CDs, USB drives and ActiveSync.

Email Gateway

Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security - is a gateway operating in the corporate network in the form of virtual appliance, i.e. software that can be installed with initial filter operating in the cloud (provided in the set) as an additional layer of preventive protection. It stops traditional e-mail threats in the cloud thanks to global threat analysis — phishing, BEC and spam attacks in particular. Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is an e-mail security solution that does not require hardware in the corporate network. All security functions are hosted in the cloud. It provides continuously updated protection against spam, phishing, ransomware and other malware before they reach the corporate network. Trend Micro Hosted Email Security (HES) allows administrators to configure rules for performing actions on e-mails based on detected threats. For example, administrators can remove detected malware from inbound messages before they reach corporate network, or they can quarantine detected spam and other undesirable messages. HES stops traditional e-mail threats in the cloud thanks to global threat analysis — phishing, BEC and spam attacks in particular. The embedded sandbox protects against APT attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats). Trend Micro ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange provides protection against viruses, spam, phishing and the ability to evaluate reputation of e-mail and websites (blocks messages with links to dangerous websites). Trend Micro ScanMail for Lotus Domino offers e-mail protection in the form of a native IBM Lotus Domino server application that blocks viruses, spam and other threats transferred by e-mail. Trend Micro Email Encryption is an e-mail encryption that secures confidential content of e-mails in communication between end-users.

Endpoint security

Trend Micro OfficeScan - is a complete protection of computers based on many detection techniques that complement each other (e.g. malware signatures, behavior monitoring, machine learning). One of the most effective anti-virus protections on the market that offers effective protection against advanced attacks such as ransomware (cryptolocker). It ensures real-time protection of endpoints against the latest threats in a light form, optimized for physical and virtual clients. Available additional features: Intrusion Defense Firewall, Data Protection and Security for Mac. Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security is a solution that can be installed in user's network or can be hosted. The solution allows you to secure servers and workstations located anywhere. Thanks to the combination with continuous protection in the cloud, it blocks new threats before they reach company computers. Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption provides full encryption of data found on desktops and laptops, in files and folders, and on removable media such as CDs, DVDs and USB drives.


Trend Micro TippingPoint - is a network in-line Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). It blocks attacks with automatic policy configuration (easy management and maintenance), and provides high availability and operations at multi-gigabit speed. The Zero-Day Initiative offers a unique benefit for customers — one of the largest manufacturer independent software for reporting security vulnerabilities in the world. Protection against 0-day exploits is possible when participating in the Zero-Day Initiative. TippingPoint was designed as IPS, not as IDS. As a result, it provides very fast installation and implementation of IPS, and zero false-positives or false-negatives in practice. Integration with Trend Micro Deep Discovery means that potential threats are sent from IPS to ATP Analyzer Sandbox, and IPS policies are set to block attacks from this threat.

Mobile security

Trend Micro Mobile Security - enables management of mobile devices and protects data by enforcing passwords, encrypting data and remote removal of data from stolen devices. It ensures control of corporate devices and BYOD through integration of Mobile Device Management (MDM) with security mechanisms, data protection and application management — all in a single solution. Thanks to integration with the console, Trend Micro Control Manager allows centralized management from other Trend Micro solutions in order to provide a holistic security strategy. It protects a wide range of mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Virtual Security

Trend Micro Deep Security - offers the most extensive set of security features for virtual environments. It detects and blocks malware with Anti-Malware and Web Reputation functions. It tracks the credibility of websites and protects users from malicious URLs. The Intrusion Prevention feature detects and blocks attacks on system and application vulnerabilities. It has an auto-update mechanism. It helps in fast implementation of “virtual security patches”. Host-based Firewall reduces the attack surface, prevents DoS attacks and detects reconnaissance scans Integrity Monitoring ensures that unauthorized changes in the system are detected and reported. Log Inspection detects events recorded in system logs to identify suspicious behaviors. Application Control — it is a perfect addition to anti-malware protection and allows secluding permitted applications and system components (Windows & Linux). Support continuous changes in applications with automation. Central management of all security modules and creation of consistent policies for protection of physical servers and virtual machines are available. Integration with VMware NSX (SDN). The solution is also available as a service.

Web Gateway

Trend Micro InterScan Web Security - is a software virtual appliance which ensures application control and protection against malicious software on Websites, assessment of website reputation and URL filtering. Crucial feature of InterScan Web Security is scanning network traffic for malware, thus preventing it from entering corporate network. At the same time it closes the security gap in HTTPS communication by decryption and scanning encrypted content.

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