RUCKUS Networks

RUCKUS Networks - is a company specialized in providing networking solutions, particularly in the field of wireless Wi-Fi networks. RUCKUS Networks' technologies are known for their innovation, performance and reliability, making it a valued partner for medium and large organizations, educational institutions, and service providers worldwide. RUCKUS Networks offers a wide range of products, including wireless network controllers, wireless access points, LAN switches and management software, which deliver fast, stable and scalable wireless networks. The priority in designing networks based on Ruckus Networks devices is flexibility and adaptability, allowing solutions to be tailored to a variety of customer needs.

Description of technology


RUCKUS Cloudpath - gives an answer to the current problems of securing network access. This system allows easy management of certificates, security policies, as well as attachment of devices to cable and wireless networks.

NPM - Network Performance Monitoring

RUCKUS AI ( formerly RUCKUS Analytics ) - is a cloud service, based on predictive machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, provides information about the state of the network and possible problems, and allows to predict its behavior in the future. This makes it an efficient tool for planning network development, helping to extend the "life" of investments.

Network switches

RUCKUS ICX - devices dedicated to campus network, which includes access, aggregation and core switches. Many models are available depending on the need for the number of copper ports, SFP/SFP+ ports, PoE/PoE+/PoH power supply, or 803.2bz-compliant interfaces. All ICX switches can be equipped with 10GbE uplink interfaces. Higher models support 40GbE and 100GbE interfaces. ICX switches can operate as single devices, or as a switch stack or as a Campus Fabric. While many manufacturers' switch stacking technology has a limit of 8 devices, Ruckus offers the possibility to stack up to 12 switches. In addition, ICX devices do not base stack communications on dedicated interfaces that cannot serve any other function. Stack construction in ICX switches is supported on standard 10Gbps SPF+, 40Gbps QSFP+, as well as 100Gbps connections, where the distance between switches can reach up to 10 kilometers. ICX switches support the PoE+ standard and the latest PoH standard.


RUCKUS Access Points - are devices designed for creating wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi) in places such as offices, schools, hotels and shopping centers. There are many indoor and outdoor models available, operating on standards like Wi-Fi 6/6E/7, offering unique functionalities specific to this manufacturer, such as BeamFlex+, PD-MRC and SmartCast. RUCKUS Networks collaborates with the Wi-Fi Alliance, and its Wi-Fi 7 platform serves as a reference commercial access point in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 test environment.

RUCKUS Multi-Site Manager - is designed to assist when you have multiple Unleashed groups. It is an intuitive, user-friendly software based on the Linux system for creating and managing small Wi-Fi networks in multiple locations. It enables Unleashed network owners to easily and securely monitor, manage, and configure networks from anywhere in the world using a single login.

RUCKUS One - is a cloud-based network infrastructure management (wired, wireless, WAN, IoT) that radically simplifies the configuration and network management. This artificial intelligence-based solution assists in monitoring and troubleshooting network issues and provides ready-made recommendations to improve network performance.

RUCKUS Smartzone - network controllers simplify network setup and management, enhance security, minimize troubleshooting, and ease upgrades for networks built on RUCKUS® access points and switches. As of version 5.0, Smartzone provides a single user interface for wired and wireless network management. It enables deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting of access points and switches. The solution allows managing up to 10000 access points per device, building reliability clusters (active-active) with support for up to 30000 access points. In addition, multitenant operation is possible, which means the ability to create separate business entities with dedicated high scale controller services, as well as a customizable administrator screen. The solution has functionalities well known and liked from ZoneDirector controllers, such as GuestPass, DPSK or HotSpot 2.0. In addition, the built-in WIFI network client diagnostics functionality with visual representation of the client's WIFI connection or non-connection phase makes administrators' work easier. Nowadays it is very important to define detailed permissions for users connecting to our network. SmartZone solution has support for Role-Based Policy enabling granularity of network access policies depending on the role of the user.

RUCKUS Unleashed - is a controller-free solution dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises and for customers with multiple small locations. In controller-free mode, Ruckus Unleashed automatically distributes configurations to the selected access point to other devices on the same network segment. All you have to do is power on one access point, configure through a predefined wireless network and connect the other devices. Initial configuration takes only 60 seconds. Configuration can also be done via a mobile app. Working in Unleashed mode, Ruckus access points still have all the unique patented techniques such as BeamFlex+, ChannelFly and SmartCast.

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