AVSystem Linkyfi is a platform that combines guest access management with marketing activities based on WiFi. The solution works in the cloud and can be placed in the client's IT infrastructure. The platform allows you to increase customer satisfaction by offering additional services as part of WiFi access. It is designed for public hotspots, hotels, restaurants, as well as for anyone who wants to improve their guest access experience.

Description of technology


ANALYTICS AND STATISTICS - Data on WiFi users collected in real time. Analysis of key performance indicators to improve the offer. Periodic reporting delivered via e-mail. Historical data for advanced analyzes

LOCATION ENGINE - Navigation in venues. Marketing campaigns based on the user's location. Detailed analyses based on heat maps. Simple architecture — no dependence on external solutions.

MARKETING ENGINE - Personalized marketing campaigns. User segmentation within selected criteria. Event-based marketing. Increased brand recognition through advertising

PUBLIC WIFI MANAGEMENT - Management of WiFi access along with user identity verification. Management of bandwidth, limits and session duration. Easy to use Captive Portal. Numerous login options, including social media or token

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