Duration : 3 DAYS

Participants will gain knowledge of contemporary Denial of Service attacks, they will learn about methodology of generating attacks and protection tools. The training is aimed at technical people who want to gain a high level of knowledge and skills in the field of counteracting DDoS attacks using Radware security platform.

The training includes scenarios for implementation of protection models with DefensePro devices along with the practical aspects of installation and system management. Then, there is a review of Anti-DDoS protection profiles with their practical implementation in security policy.

Level: Intermediate

Form: Classes with a certified instructor and a practical part

Devices: Entire Radware DefensePro product family

For who:

Network engineers, security engineers and internet interface maintenance team.


Participants must have basic knowledge of computer networks, such as: switching, VLAN tagging (802.1Q protocol), BGP, routing. Participants should be familiar with the specificity of DDoS attacks and should know the principles of DNS and HTTP protocols.

Training agenda:

Day 1

Module 0 - Introduction to training and agenda

Module 1 - Initial Installation

  • Physical connection and management
  • Initial configuration
  • Overview of management tools

Module 2 - Security policy

  • Behavioral DoS Profile
  • Behavioral DoS profile for DNS
  • Anti-Scanning protection

 Module 3 - Protection against flood attacks

  • SYN Protection
  • Protection against attacks in encrypted traffic
  • Limit settings

Day 2

Module 4 - Protection of application servers

  • Server Cracking
  • Accurate protection for HTTP services

Module 5 - Signature protection

  • IPS profile
  • Building your own signaturesModule 6 - DoS Shield

Module 7 - Creating exceptions

Day 3

Module 8 - Access control lists

  • ACL configuration
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Module 9 - Management and reporting

  • View traffic and threat statistics
  • Overview of available reports
  • Configuration of the reporting module

Module 10 - Implementation Scenarios and Case Studies

Module 11 - APSolute Vision