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CLICO provides technical training for nCipher Internet security products. NCipher products allow for perfect protection of cryptographic keys and critical elements of e-business applications.

nCipher Certified Systems Engineer (nCSE)

Duration: 2 days

The training is designed to review nCipher key management and acceleration server hardware.

After completing the course participants will be able to:

  • install and configure nCipher software,
  • install and configure nShield Solo or nShield Connect devices,
  • create security world in accordance with the company's security policy,
  • configure devices for high availability and load balancing,
  • use diagnostic tools.

Training agenda:

  1. Introduction to HSM
  • why we use HSM
  • nCipher HSMs
  • how HSM works
  1. Introduction to Security World
  • what is Security World
  • how keys are stored, used and protected within Security World
  • administration and operator cards
  1. Installing software
  • three different software versions
  • installation process on all supported platforms
  • default location of various essential files
  1. Configuration of nShield Connect
  • role of Remote File System (RFS)
  • what is nToken
  • the difference between a privileged and a non-privileged customer
  • how to configure nShield Connect
  1. Creating a security world
  • possible security world configurations
  • how to create or import a security world on nShield Solo
  • how to create or import a security world on nShield Connect
  1. Emergency situations and load balancing
  • how to restore the system operation after an emergency
  • how to configure load balancing in PKCS # 11
  1. Management
  • how to update firmware in nShield Solo and Connect
  • how to update nCipher software
  1. Optional functionality
  • which gives the Remote Operator option
  • CodeSafe
  1. KeySafe
  • how to use the KeySafe interface
  1. Practical session
  • exercises according to different scenarios
  1. Exam