ICsec in CLICO distribution portfolio


CLICO — is a specialized, value-added distributor that since 1991 has been effectively introducing and promoting innovative solutions of global market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In the second quarter of 2021, CLICO finalized the agreement with ICsec and introduced to distribution portfolio SCADVANCE XP solution that allows to detect anomalies and cyber threats in real time in industrial automation networks.

“Industrial automation was established earlier and has been developing independently for a long time, regardless of IT. However, protection through isolation has long become a myth; monitoring, reporting and remote access have forced industrial automation solutions to be connected to the organization's IT network or directly to the Internet. Securing OT network is often delegated to the IT department and poses a serious challenge for them. The goals for OT are security and business continuity, you cannot restart something, unplug it for patching, as in IT, because it may cause a threat to human health and life or enormous financial damage. Fully passive, based on deep traffic analysis and machine learning, SCADVANCE XP solution perfectly fits the needs of enterprises that want to effectively protect their OT infrastructure against cyber threats and anomalies that can destabilize the operation of systems. It detects potential incidents by identifying potential target and possible attack mechanism”. – comments Radosław Szyszko, Security Consultant in CLICO.

SCADVANCE XP is an IDS system for industrial automation (OT / SCADA), which was created with the participation of Polish OT security experts and Polish scientists. Thanks to passive monitoring of communication inside the OT network, it does not pose any threats to the stability of the infrastructure operation. Deep packet analysis (DPI) supported by artificial intelligence algorithms allows to monitor both open and closed OT protocols in real time. As a result, those responsible for infrastructure security have full visibility of the status of devices and connections and can make the right decisions.


“For ICsec, cooperation with CLICO - a value added distributor - is a guarantee of reaching IT/OT Integrators and Resellers specialized in providing cybersecurity services both in Poland and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Together, using our technology, knowledge and shared experience, we can provide security to companies with critical infrastructure and industrial automation systems OT / ICS even more effectively than before." – said Mariusz Rzepka, Channel Manager in ICsec S.A.

The CLICO distribution contract with ICsec is valid in Romania, Poland and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.