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Websense® Essential Information Protection™ is based on best-in-class products, technologies, and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that provide integrated network security threat defense and powerful policy-based control over your organization's sensitive data.

Websense is unique in the industry in letting you control all the critical elements of Web, data, and email security, including:

  • Who is authorized to access specific websites, sensitive content, or applications.
  • What data is critically important to your organization and must be protected from accidental or intentional leaks.
  • How you allow sensitive data to be communicated, and how online resources can be used safely and productively by your business.
  • Where you allow users to go online, and where sensitive data can be sent safely.

The Websense ThreatSeeker Network delivers real-time reputation analysis and expanded behavioral analysis, giving users the most up-to-date protection possible from unwanted content and malicious network security threats.

Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) is an advanced composite content classification engine embedded in Websense solutions and is part of the Websense TRITON™ solution. ACE is powered by the ThreatSeeker Network and includes technologies such as Websense PreciseID™, real-time security and content classification, antispam, reputation services, URL filtering, and antivirus. It surpasses legacy, point-based security technologies in both accuracy and coverage by correlating multiple analytic services to identify security threats that might otherwise circumvent any single mechanism. When combined, these technologies eliminate gaps in coverage, provide layered protection, and deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Defensio™ Web service provides adaptive and accurate protection from comment spam, malware, and other threats embedded in blogs, forums, and other Web 2.0 sites that support user-generated content. Delivered via the Websense global SaaS platform, Defensio technology also provides invaluable Web 2.0 threat intelligence that increases the accuracy and effectiveness of the entire portfolio of Websense Web, email, and data security products.

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