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APSolute® Product Suite

Complete Application Delivery Solution for Business-Smart Networking

Radware's APSolute product family aligns IT infrastructure with business processes by enabling business-smart networking. "Business-smart networking" is the understanding of real-time business events that take place, and then immediately acting on those events. By making networks "business smart," Radware's solutions maximize ROI from IT investments by ensuring fast, reliable, secure delivery of both web-enabled applications and services that drive business productivity.

Radware's APSolute product suite is powered by the OnDemand Switch, the company's next-generation hardware platform, which provides breakthrough performance and on demand throughput and service scalability. Based on its "scale-as-you-grow" approach, no forklift upgrade is required even when there are new business requirements. Customers only pay for the exact capacity currently required. Throughput capacity, application-aware services, or applications acceleration services can be scaled on demand to meet new or changing application infrastructure needs. The advantages to this on demand approach are short-term and long-term savings on CAPEX and OPEX for full investment protection without a compromise on performance.

APSolute products are built around a family of intelligent application switches designed to meet the high-capacity, high-speed processing requirements for the most intensive networking operations. The product family also leverages our innovative OS software architecture, using unprecedented granular application intelligence to tune network behavior, end-to-end, and intelligently integrate availiability, performance and security capabilities to solve the problems of traffic overloads, transaction failures, database logjams, server bottleneck and security breaches.

Radware's architectural approach to business-smart networking addresses the full range of availability, performance and security challenges associated with several key data center trends including

With Radware APSolute, enterprises can deliver missions critical applications everywhere – over the Internet and across the WAN – optimizing end-to-end network operations for high scalability, consolidation and operational cost savings.

The APSolute family includes the following products:

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