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Elastica Cloud Security Operations Center (SOC)

delivers unique mechanisms for cloud applications and services security inspection.

In the era of growing popularity for using Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, like: SalesForce, Goodle Drive or Microsoft Office 365 it is critical for all security departments to monitor and protect access to these applications, additionally identify and neutralize information leakage outside organization.

Security Teams should consider many aspects related to SaaS security, such as:


  • Bring Your Own Device popularity and its impact to bypass conventional security systems (like firewalls, IPS, DLP, AV etc)
  • Uncontrolled sensitive information workflow, often outside organization (called Shadow IT, Shadow data). Information leakage can be caused by:
    • accidentally (sharing resource on internet drive with public role, mistake in role assignment, incorrect reciptient in the message with link to the document)
    • malicious user (dishonest employee, leaving to competitor, private archive of sensitive data etc)
    • compromised station or credentials (man in the middle, phishing, stolen device, etc.)
  • Malware and other threats targeting cloud apps, which could exploit either vulnerabilities of the application or configuration weaknesses (like ineffective or not enforced password policy for SaaS apps)
  • Data Governance and Compliance for SaaS


Elastica SoC integrates with network and service environment for getting access logs to prepare audit of cloud application usage in organization. Elastica is also calculating current SaaS security level. Solution makes classification of the data stored and often shared outside organizational environment.

In the next step Elastica detects threats in SaaS usage, like Malware infections, suspicious user behavior, or account/password compromise. There are features of security event logging and active blocking implemented in CloudSoc. Protection is implemented based on administrator precised policies.

Solution can also helps administrator to save the fingerprint of users activity on defined sensitive data, based on implemented organizational policy. It provides an easy access to compliance and data governance on-demand reports.

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