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Crossbeam Systems

Crossbeam delivers the world’s most optimized network giving you unwavering confidence in your business.



Conventional methods of deploying net­work security, like piling proprietary boxes on top of each oth­er, is not the way to go. The appliance farm increases capital costs, operational expense and energy consumption. It wastes data center space and makes fault diagnosis difficult.  Security in the data center is too complex today.

At Crossbeam, we think it’s time to cut the crop. It’s time to downsize the appliance farm. How does 50:1 consolidation sound?  We work to consolidate, which makes your entire network scalable and more reliable. And that makes for a more confident business. Crossbeam is able to achieve extraordinary consolidation by collapsing switches, routers, load balancers, appliances, and cables into one platform.



We need to adjust our thinking from Gigabytes to Zettabytes.  Network bandwidth growth is out of control.  And, while its impossible to predict how fast it will grow, it’s imperative we prepare.  That’s why our platforms are built to be adaptable over the long haul.  It means you’ll be ready for what’s next, NOW.

We believe the ingredients for true performance scalability is to combine both application and networking processing in one intelligent platform.

The ability to cope with 50 million concurrent sessions, 320,000+ new connections per second, or a backplane throughput capacity of 150Gbps is only half the story. The ability to adapt the same platform overtime is why Crossbeam customers have used the same chassis for over 7 years.



Data is on the move and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Outsourcing. Web 2.0. Cloud. Virtualization. If data is dynamic, how can we protect our business and maintain continuity? The answer.  Network and security harmony.

At Crossbeam, we believe the right way to protect the business is to provide a platform where networking and security functions work in harmony. Our responsive platform marries together superior networking, exceptional processing with an open application architecture to create an adaptable system that can self-heal.

Our carrier-class chassis design has no single points of failure.  Every component in the X-Series is redundant and hot swappable.   The X-Series can withstand a complete hard disk or CPM failure and keep running perfectly. Warm standby and pre-emption functions ensure security applications keep running, even in a complete APM failure.  The X-Series will provision a spare APM or even steal processor resource from a lower priority application.


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