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BlueCat Networks

BlueCat Networks IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS and DHCP  Solutions

BlueCat Networks developed the Proteus™ IP Address Management platform and the Adonis™ family of secure DNS and DHCP solutions to solve several problems faced by today's business networks. Misconfigured or misallocated IP addresses create complexity and pose security risks. Standard Microsoft Windows®-based DNS and older versions of BIND are inherently insecure. UNIX or Linux-based DNS solutions with BIND are more secure, but require dedicated expertise and are susceptible to syntactical and logical errors. BlueCat Networks family of secure appliances offer the industry-leading IPAM,  DNS, and DHCP solution that solves these issues and securely provisions mission-critical services.

IP Address Management

Proteus delivers a complete end-to-end IP Address Management solution to help you manage your IPv4 and IPv6 address infrastructure and your Adonis and Windows  DNS and DHCP servers.

Windows® Management

The Proteus Management Agent brings the power of IP Address Management to your Windows environment.


Learn how you can migrate from IPv4 to IPv6 seamlessly using Proteus and Adonis, BlueCat Networks' IPv6-compliant network appliances.


BlueCat Network's DNS and DHCP appliance solution provide centralized management, automated redundancy, and security in an end-to-end solution.


BlueCat Networks reduces the complexity of DNSSEC. Our one-click Signing Policy Management system allows you to configure DNSSEC key and rollover settings in one place using the latest protocol features including full support for NSEC3.

Voice Over IP

IP Telephony infrastructure requires a robust and highly available DHCP solution. Proteus and Adonis offer industry-leading  DHCP services as well as complementary services such as TFTP.

High Availability

BlueCat appliances offer redundancy with failover, automated software updates, error correction utilities, and a number of security provisions to deliver up to five nines (99.999%) availability for DNS and DHCP services.

Virtual Solutions

BlueCat's Proteus IPAM and Adonis DNS/DHCP virtual appliances allow you to deploy enterprise-level  IP address management, DNS and DHCP while lowering your space requirements and carbon footprint.

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